MAIStroPE Agenda

29-October-2020 at 16:45 CEST (Virtually over Zoom) in Conjunction with ICMI 2020.

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(16:45 — 17:00) Introductory Remarks

Fahim A. Salim

Dennis Reidsma

(17:00 — 17:45) First Keynote

Prof. Joost Kok (University of Twente)

Winning with Data Science in Sports

Prof Joost Kok is a Professor of Applied Data Science and the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Twente.
His research is concentrated around data. Main research themes are digital research infrastructures, data- and model-management, data mining, bioinformatics and algorithms. His main application areas are currently in Health, Sports and Biodiversity.


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(17:45 — 18:25) Paper Presentations (1st Session)

  1. (17:45) Scalable infrastructure for Efficient, Real-time,
    Privacy-preserving Sports Analytics.
  2. (18:05) Autonomous and Remote Controlled Humanoid Robot for fitness training

(18:25 — 18:40) Short Break

(18:40 — 19:25) Second Keynote

Prof. Dr. Till Utesch (University of Münster)

A pedagogical perspective on the assessment of educational and sports data

I studied mathematics and sport science until 2012. Then did my PhD in sport psychology (institute of sport sciences) in 2017 and worked on the measurement of motor performance in children across childhood from a measurement perspective. After, I did my post doc, also in sport psychology department, and did research on talent development, assessment mostly in the context of sport (you will find my publications in the link of the webpage if you want to have a look). Since 2019, I am professor for pedagogical assessment and potential development in the department of educational sciences, university of Münster.

Web page:

(19:25 — 20:05) Paper Presentations (2nd Session)

  1. (19:25) Physical Exercise Form Correction Using Neural Network (Cristian Militaru).
  2. (19:45) Climbing Activity Recognition and Measurement with Sensor Data Analysis (Marina Andric)

(20:05) Closing Remarks

Fahim A. Salim