Project Partners

A number of organisations are involved in the undertaking of the Smart Sports Exercises project: The University of Twente, the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Sportservice Veenendaal, InnoSportLab Sport en Beweeg! and LedGo. Besides the official consortium partners, a number of volleyball clubs and associations are also involved.

University of Twente: Human Media Interaction

The Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente is responsible for the research on tailored and adaptive digital-physical exercises.

[Human Media Interaction]

People: Dennis Reidsma (project coordinator), Robby van Delden and Dees Postma

University of Twente: Biomedical Signals and Systems

The Biomedical Signals and Systems group of the University of Twente is responsible for the development of automated recognition of sports behavior.

[Biomedical Signals and Systems]

People: Bert-Jan van Beijnum and Fahim Salim

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences: Human Movement, School and Sports

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, research group “Human Movement, School and Sports”, works on the interplay between elite sports, training and education, didactics and pedagogy and new technology in practice.


People: Ivo van Hilvoorde, Jeroen Koekoek and Wytse Walinga

LedGo BV

LedGo BV develops LED video floor solutions – lately with a focus on sports ready versions. The provide the hardware platform and participate in the R&D concerning the sensor data processing.


InnoSportLab Sport en Beweeg!

The not-for-profit sports innovation center “InnoSportLab Sport&Beweeg (sports and movement)” works in innovating elite sports and exercise practice. InnoSportLab develops and coordinate living lab activities in which business, sports, government and science work together on innovation from concept to market. Often they are responsible for the measurements as well: development of protocols, measurement and analysis.

[InnoSportLab Sport en Beweeg]

People: Harmen Bijsterbosch

Sportservice Veenendaal

Sportservice Veenendaal (SSV; Abel ten Hoorn) exploits sports facilities, and contributes experience and input from that point of view plus the opportunity to work with their volleyball teams. Innovation is one of their core values, which they carry out in close collaboration with their customers (clubs and teams).

[Sportservice Veenendaal]

Associated partners

The consortium partners team up as much as possible with external parties to maximise the potential impact of the Smart Sports Exercises project. Some of these are mentioned below.

Kenniscentrum Sport


Volleyball club Zwolle

[Volleybal club Zwolle]

Volleyball club AVV Keistad

[AVV Keistad]

Volleyball club Harambee